Heavy Duty Air Brakes Training Class

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3 Day Heavy Duty Air Brakes Training Class


Air brake systems can be frustrating, let our instructor show you how to conquer air brake concerns with
this class-room friendly, hands-on course. Using our one-of-a kind air brake training aid system the
participants will learn all the basics of connections, flow and control. Participants will be given the
opportunity to build a fully functional air brake system right in class. This course will also shed light on
“faulty” circuits to test, diagnose, evaluate and repair the issue once found onsite. Multiple faults and
many diagnostic concepts will be covered so you’ll be ready for any air brake system repairs.

ABS, trailer braking, and Trailer ABS systems will also be covered in depth discussing the importance of
proper service and how it influences advanced systems like ABS and the newer stability and Advance
Driver Assist Systems also known as ADAS.


Course Objectives:

> Understand the operation of air-brake components

> Communicate the operation of each component

> Inspect a system for needed service

> Knowledge of proper brake adjustments

> Communicate how Auto and manual slack adjuster’s function

> Relate how the components function




This class is hands-on, with training aids and access
to system components.


3 Full Days of Training for only $995
at our facility!

1601 E. Park St. Olathe, KS 66061


April 30-May 2
Classes are from 8 AM - 5 PM

Breakfast and Lunch provided for all classes.

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